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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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spring weather to build patios and pools, millennial homeowners are going in a different direction. >> they want technologically savvy, outdoor accessories and what about to make it reallyt ra really homey. >> reporter: that's up 25% from a year ago. >> they know that it is more economical to actually buy than rent they are tired to throwingg money down the drain. if they have the wherewithalhere then they are buying. >> backyard improvements cameras, smart doorbells, alerta you when somebody is on the porch. millennials are what was compana conscious when it comet s to landscaping adding rain barrelsr to trap storm water planting grass that cut down on watering. barbecue pits very popular. they can a
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to reselling your home north anh east into they are like the outside entertaining with friends and families that type of thing.hin so, they are doing the outdoor grills. they are doing the patios, deckt things of that nature. >> reporter: its not just 2334 year old that is upgrading backyard, 75% of all only owners in 2016 in the backyard, all of these home renovations add up. americans will spend 350 billion dollars on home improvement by 2017. in new york, fox business. bus >> this is fox 5 local news at 11. >> thanks for joining us i'm marina marraco. >> i'm jim lokay.okay a neighborhood in shock after a member of the community wasf th killed. they say he was a grand father t and retired postal worker. his body why found the lastou night at his home in lanham.
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investigation. >> reporter: prince george'srinc county police are calling this a homicide. but they still are not saying no how the victim died. a spokesperson did tell me he doesn't believe there's any risk to the community because policee believe what happened inside this home was an isolated iso incident. this is where neighbors say the victim lived. a man in his 60s named kenny. you can see that the lights are still on here. i can see the tv is going inside. but nobody is in there. police have put tape over the doorway.door earlier we watched as a few neighbors came over and covered up the victim osteomas tanktim neighbors say the victim loved that car and he was always outot there working on it. i ever win we talked to say stunned by this. t >> he was a good man. he would give you the shirt off his back. you need lawn mode, he was an all
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he's been in this neighborhood 20 plus years. and he's going to be truly missed. >> he's very friendly.ry talked to all the neighbors. and concerned about what iserne going on in the neighborhood.gho never bothered anybody, never caused any trouble just a really nice guy. >> and this is what the area in front of the victim's home looked like earlier this thi afternoon. according to police they got a call around 8:30 last night about an assault.. arrived to find the man critically hurt he will. he later died at the hospital. police were here all night long. we asked but no word on suspect or arrest. neighbors say they didn't here disturbance or fight last night. one neighbor says kenny had beed at home with his son before this happened. again police believe this was an isolated incident that happened here not any kind of random crime. still something very surprising to neighbors that we talked tote because they say this is
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area. prince george's county cu police are asking for anybody with information to give them a call. the number is 1877-411 tips. you can remain anonymous p lifef in lanham lindsay waits fox 5 5 local news. >> snoop lindsay thank you. you the search is on tonight for a person who stabbed a man at the minnesota avenue station in northeast. the attack happened around 12:30. victim was taken to the hospital. he's expected to survive at go tracker got away we have h don't no who's responsible policensib still investigating. >> man on shooting spree will appear in a courtroom tordil toi accused of killing two people and wound ding too others at a shopping center. tordil is also a suspect in hisi he is stranged wife's murder in be
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loved one is gone. fox 5 as long as la moan m reports: instead of celebrating this mothers' day three families are mourning lives that were lost two of the murdered victims were mothers themselves. 65 year old melina was mother of of two. tw the final victim in a shooting spree that ended friday this all happened allegedly at the hands of a federal protective service employee 62 year old tordil. flowers and balloons now mark the spot where melina was shotas and killed in her car. police say it was an attempted carjacking. melina's daughter released aseda statement saying on this mother's day we would like to remember melina, she was the t most beautiful hard working wor mother that cherished her family and adored her two children. chi earlier that day,
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filled was killed, his friend injured when 73 tried to help3 one of the other shooting victims. a woman tordil attacked when hee was trying to steal her car. >> i'm driving home to qulum bee yay. and my brother calls and he sayy that my brother's dead. i just, i was screaming. >> malcolm gave his life for somebody he doesn't know in't k order to protect her from a predator. >> reporter: then there's tordil the suspects he is stranged wife the first person he allegedly killed on thursday. a mother of two teenaged daughters who were shot down in the parking lot of the schools her daughters attend. d another innocent mana was injurd in that shooting when he triede to intervene and help the victim according to police.
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tordil's motive may have beeniv that he was attempting to commit suicide by cop. reporting in montgomery alexandria limon, fox 5 local >> vigil is planned tomorrow fof the three victims and three victims wounded its scheduled for seven p.m. at the goa t january united methodist church earn gaithersburg. the foundations organizing theis event and putting together a tog fund for the families as well as survivors. >> fox 5 in fairfax county where a diner is back in business bus after a former cook allegedly slammed his car into arrest ranted. police say the building sustained serious damage when samuel crashed his suv into thee building and set himself onn fire. he's still in the hospital. h turning now to the forecast a live look outside a beautiful day for mother's day starting to feel like spring again. >> just a little basement gwene
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we had a fabulous day today. wewe got a break from the rainfall. going to be short-lived. but let's take a look at our maps and get things started for you. finally warming up to the low 70s that's exactly where wexact should be temperature wise. so, we guilty a nice treat withc the sunshine and the warmer conditions. current temperature this hour not too bad 61 degrees dc. 48 gaithersburg. 59 degrees at culpeper. 56 in hagerstown.6 i 51 in baltimore and 52 degrees 2 at winchester. we have pretty strong windsy today but they are finally nowil very much on the light side. that's at least good news.le you can see the clouds are starting to roll in. that's going to continue tonight. we're keeping a close eye on frontal system that's going tog move to the north that's goinghs to bring us a chance of more wet weather. there it is to the south. its going to come north as a warm front p winds are calm.m. 52
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as i said, the rain is making mk another return but not as soggy this week as it was last week. more details in my seven dayay ahead back to you. >> i like gwen finds positive.os that's a good thing.hing >> still to come tonight at 11 making safety and the metro a priority. >> ordering metro to make in the wake of last weeks friday at the federal station.
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>> fox 5 following up with fol problems on metro bring your concerns questions to the top. yesterday federal transit in the wake of thursday fire. four page directive include daily testing for hot spots.pot. electrical power making more ofr an effort to reduce water leaking into tunnels. blame metro police for.or. so all staff can be retrained and proper procedures of the metro gm paul wiedefeld will be life in the studio tomorrow. fox 5 news morning 7:30 am. you can watch on air online.nlin uses #fox5rocks ask metro. a lot of people with a lot of questions we hope to answer aa lot of them tomorrow. >> still ahead was
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sunshine short-lived. s >> gwen will look at the workweek forecast when we come back on this sunday night. nigh. bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> this is one of those days where the,in
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day. good spring day.y. >> yes, and we finally got a break from that rain today, which is really good. i think everybody was happyry combo thatbo especially since it was mothers' day a lot of people going to brunch and out to lunco today with mom and giving her ar special treat.reat mother nature served up a special treat with the weather today. we had plenty of sunshine arise in temperatures.empe i have to say much deserved by the way. so much rain and clouds its beec so cool latelylo we really realy do deserve this t as we a take a look for daytime highs that is is exactly where we should be ii the low 70s. so, everything fell right into place today. tod not bad at all.ll. put together those temperatures with the sunshine it was a great combination. right now were at 61 degrees in the nations 46 frederick, 47 dulles. 59 at fredericksburg. f by the water win annapolis 56 degrees. baltimore is at
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46 at frederick t overnight lows tonight cool to comfortable. pretty much into the low 50s. we have a couple of maybe midid 50s here and there. 56 at annapolis. wit will be fairly comfortablefr for tonight. as we move into tomorrow, thingr are going to start to change because we've got a frontal system to keep an eye on yes, unfortunately, i have to talklk about a return of wet weather. right now we're seeing clouds that are starting to continue to move in. i very high clouds here. and we have had a cold front yesterday that moved to the south. parked here been stationery forr today. this is going to start to be one the move. its going to move to the northo as a warm front. as it does, create a few changes in our forecast for you once wew get into monday and tuesday. in the meantime high pressure. e got cooler air kind of its wayf in. frontal system is going to be thse trigger for some showers,he light in nature. but,
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starting about into the mid to o afternoon to early afternoon tomorrow. once we get into monday, and tuesday, we're going to start ta see moving north as warm front w of the here's the other thing t even for late tonight, i can't rule out maybe isolated rumble of thunder.hund not too much seems to be happening for the north, as thit moves to the north we're going to see a warm up. temperatures will be and its w rise. number of systems that are going to cause a lot of aggravation over the next few days with chance of rain. through wednesday we are talking about average of half inch off rainfall in terms of accumulation. it is going to be light rain nothing that's going to be too heavy exception being chance ofc a thunderstorms to the south.. 60s monday and tuesday. then we see jet stream heading to the north. we're heading back to the 70s again. so i don't think anybody is i going to chain.goin but i i want to tell you with tt with the warmth little bit onn the humidity side.
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northwesterly winds finally winds lightening up, they were gusty today. tomorrow talking high of 68 degrees. shower by the time we get toe afternoon. we can see that happening close tot midday or early afternoonar many fox 5l accuweather 7-dayer forecast. i can see the temperature riseeu i'm talking about late in week n we finally get a break once again. we'll be back after the break. but don't go too s. nts are far. differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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>> caps aren't ready to start summer vacation. they put off fishing trips and a cruises by beating the penguinsn with most complete performance in the series. great work. it was a convincing 3-1 victory. the team
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they've been. the pressure shifted. >> pressure on both teams. i think we're confident kin ourn game if we go in there and you know play the style we're playing with. mind set is i don't want to go home. and we stopped it once we neede to do it twice more. >> it's a play. its' a turn over. its a play. its a penalty. its a reaction after a goal. it is a deck of cards. car and you don't know what you are going to be dealt sometimes.e whatever you are dealt you gotou to play your hand. >> its become mob tradition every mother's day teams do you know pink jerseys wearing pink hats and swinging pink
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they are auction haded off proceeds going to cancer research. is bryce harper under armour cheats these are the mothers day once he wore they are so big b right now. it wasn't just the cheats bryce decked out toes to elbows forlbo mother's day top third. simpler man goes off chris bryant's glove that will give harper enough time to go around third coming home. that will give the nats 1 nothing lead. ram mows same sleeve, he takesas one that will score danny murphy nats go up 3201. -- 3w-1. 3 walk
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nat four to three. orioles bring pink and white home.home putting on a show for the mothers at camden yards. yar man knee right center field cuts the a's lead three to one. he was not done. man, grand slam. below out the a's 11-three. had the opportunity to meet jose on thursday. thu he had one request he asked himm to hit a home run, friday hee made the same request hey, can you hit me a home run two for two both times the kid asked for a home run both times they come through. i think they want hum to come to ever
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>> kevin to his mom brought those teaser and instant fame, durant inspired many and seemed to become a lifetime movie. she stopped by gooddaydc and was asked the question will the mvp make his way to dc? >> well the jury is still out on that right now. he really is focused on the playoffs this as tough series for them. so, he feels that it would do him in justice if he focuses where he's going to go we'll wait till the time is right. >> which is fair enough we won't ask what he thinks about being in dc would you like to see him play in dc. >> i would like to see him play wherever he's happy yesterday. >> good answer from his mom. do you know the coach as goodoah fit for dc. >> oh, yes. he's one of our taste
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he's a great guy. he requires the best of kevin all the time. that's what you want as a coach. so i'm happy for him. so i definitely will be downy wi there at the arena to see him. >> wanda was in attendance tonight in oklahoma city.y. kevin durant scored 41 points they beat -- he said after the game he wants her to come toom ever game. >> i can see why. why >> asked him the same question what do you know about kevinu durant in a wizards uniform. >> he was diplomat particularmat about it. >> they all need to run for office. >> they can say it without saying it very well. >> all right we'll be right back.
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into smew happy mother's day.ha there's angie.ppangi >> angie and me and little andrea my little sister. >> there's marissa happy mom's day. >> i was going to say. [ laughter ] >> that's me. >> i was awe. >> she was here visiting last december. and there we are there. my mom. >> happy mother's day. >> brody. >> my mom, happy mother's day mom. look at that. there lo
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>> dapperer you. >> happy mothers' day to mot everyone out there. in body and spirit. >> absolutely. >> all right guys we'll see you tomorrow morning.s mo bright andrr early. >> 4:25 am. have a great night.
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